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6' Pole

6’ Pole is a film adaptation of 6’ , a live performance originally made for Arts On Site’s Arts Alive series in October 2020, with the help of space grants from Arts On Site and Spoke the Hub. A collaboration with internationally recognized film artist Derrick Belcham as cinematographer, 6’ Pole was created for Spoke the Hub’s November 2020 virtual People’s Choice Showcase, and has additionally been streamed as a part of Green Space’s February 2021 Take Root program. Stripped of 6’s musical selections and theatrical bits, 6’ Pole is a chronicle of two bodies yearning for connection, and choosing to achieve it.



Performers: Jonathan Matthews & Holly Sass


Music: “Jesus Lifted Me,” performed by Jonathan Matthews (accordion, vocals) & Holly Sass (guitar, vocals), after Elizabeth Cotten and Brenda Evans


Cinematography: Derrick Belcham


Editor: Holly Sass


Masks: Maddie Schimmel


Harnesses: Jonathan Matthews and Holly Sass, with guidance from Ben Gould and Gabriella Lacza

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