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Big Enough for the Two of Us


Video & Photo: Philippa Fort

“Big Enough for the Two of Us” is the result of a task to perform wearing helmets connected by a string (a suggestion from a friend we took very seriously).


Life in the helmet is very different from life outside the helmet. In becoming aware of their shared circumstances, Holly finds herself greatly invigorated by the connecting string, which has a comparatively negative effect on Jonathan. Nonetheless he chooses to remain helmeted as to not disappoint his strong-willed partner. 


Concept: Sophia Perez


Performers: Jonathan Matthews & Holly Sass


George Frideric Handel -

Music for the Royal Fireworks, HWV 351: VII. Minuet 2, Performed by

Jordi Savall and Le Concert Des Nations

Enya - "Only If"

Lou Christie - "Beyond the Blue Horizon" 

Text: Jonathan Matthews

Duration: 15 minutes


Test Flights: (Jan 2019):

Circadium School of Circus, Philadelphia, PA 

Underexposed (Feb 2018)

Dixon Place, New York, NY

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