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Photo: Kyle Netzeband

Fart In My Wallet, Call That Gas Money

After spending four months to create "delicates," we had post-single-show depression, a looming performance opportunity, and an itch to actually dance. Guided by colorful musical selections, we revisited what dance moves were to us after making a process heavy performance. We became fixated on pointed index fingers.

Performers: Jonathan Matthews & Holly Sass


Benjamin Britten - A Ceremony of Carols, Op. 28 - Wolcum Yole!

Frank Zappa - Cletus Awritus Awrightus 

Benjamin Britten - A Ceremony of Carols, Op 28. - In Freezing Winter Night

Duration: 10 minutes

Create: ART (July 2018)

Location: Gallim Dance, Brooklyn, NY

Arts On Site Performance Party (July 2018)

Location: Arts On Site, New York, NY

Video: Dancing Camera

Video: Effy Grey

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