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Good Luck!

Video:  The Fleet NYC

Holly’s mom has been teaching a step class for about fifteen years. A
delightful byproduct of this are copious small, square pieces of paper with every class’s routines notated, only truly intelligible to Mrs. Sass.


Good Luck! is the result of BREAKTIME collecting them as an exercise in cryptology, in which we attempt to derive meaning from the text without any input from its author, and instead sussing out the routines' essential vocabulary. Given that we already speak a movement language, we found the only way to truly be phenomenologically beholden to the text is in devising performance structures that rely on audience participation. The small pages of notes themselves may serve as set piece, prop, choreographer, or deity along the course of our attempt to get the whole room on the same team.

The ultimately performed content of Good Luck! is dependent on the parameters of the performance opportunity.

Performers: Jonathan Matthews, Holly Sass & audience

Text: Cheryl Pratt Sass



Never Before Never Again (January 2019)


Lee Ringuette - Theme, “Press Your Luck”

Scott Douglas MacLachlan - “Infomercial Music Cue”

Keith Strachan - Theme, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”

Robert Arnold Israel - Theme, “Match Game”

Duration: 17 min

Location: Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn, NY





Create:ART Residency (September 2018)

Duration: 23 min

Location: Gallim Dance, Brooklyn, NY

Special thanks to Create:ART for giving us the space to make this piece. 


Photo:  Effy Grey

Video:  Jake Kruty

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