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nearly no props

BREAKTIME has a habit of, after making long performances that involve little to no dancing, “decompressing” with shorter, bombastic, dance-heavy ditties to the music of Frank Zappa. Having recently created a long performance that involved little (but some) dancing, we thought it apt, at the close of this confusing year, on the cusp of a hiatus of our own, to both create another one of these sorts of dances, as well as to string it together with our previous two dances into one, three-part Zappa moving marathon. 


Performers: Jonathan Matthews, Holly Sass


Music: Frank Zappa, "Peaches en Regalia"

Frank Zappa, "Cletus Awritus Awrightus"

The Mothers of Invention, "Inca Roads"

Photo: Shantel Prado

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