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Parting Glass

Tisch Summer Dance Residency (May 2019)

Performers: Jonathan Matthews & Holly Sass

Text: Jonah Greenstein

Stage Manager: Susan Hamburger

Lighting Designer: Michael Cunningham

Stage Crew: Taina Lyons and Zipporah Wilson


Sound Design: Jonathan Matthews and Holly Sass


“Raggedy Ann” – written and performed by Mandy Patinkin

“Acquiring the Taste” – Gentle Giant

“Follow You Down” – Gin Blossoms

“Laugh Track Sample” – HollywoodLaughTracks

“Smoke Alarm Sound Effect 1 Hour” – VloFlo

Duration: 55 min

Location: Jack Crystal Theater, New York, NY

Video: Junting Zhou


Thank you to:

Maddie Schimmel and Justin Faircloth for managing our house.
Jonah Greenstein for writing exactly what we were looking for.
Mike Mikos for his acting tutelage.
Elizabeth Hepp, Jacqueline Dugal, ChristinaNoel Reaves, and
Johanna LjungQvist Brinson for giving us platforms to show snippets
of this work as it formed.
Philippa Fort for promotional photos.
Natalie Deryn Johnson for promotional photos and photographic
documentation of this performance.
Junting Zhou for filming this performance. 
Susan Hamburger for calling the shots.
Pamela Pietro for letting us do this again.

Photos: Natalie Deryn

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