in our biggest creative endeavor yet!

As a team of two at BREAKTIME, we do everything entirely ourselves -- choreographing, performing, grant writing, web design, social media managing, sound design, and financial planning, to name a few. We rarely make money off of what we do, merely breaking even, if we're lucky. We are currently only able to pay collaborators out of pocket, which is why we are often limited to our duet.

We are currently creating a performance that involves many other performers and collaborators, as well as a pricey NYC venue we aspire to rent. We firmly believe in paying artists every step of the way, so we cannot follow through with this bigger dream of ours without a more substantial financial base. 

We are now fiscally sponsored through The Field and can accept tax-deductible donations. If you are interested and able to become a patron of BREAKTIME, please click the button below! 

Not convinced?

The button below will give you more detailed information about what your money will go towards and what rewards you can receive for your contribution.

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