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This Will Be

Video: Rebecca Margolick


Photo: Natalie Deryn

“This Will Be” began with an open-ended reciprocal interview process between us, asking intentionally vague questions about particular memories that could be answered directly, with movement, vocal sounds, or any combination of the above.


The resulting retelling of these separate memories are composed alongside each other, out of coherent context. 


The idea of “breaktime” emerged as an escape from intensity in this process, and several "breaktimes" are speckled throughout the piece.


They fail to work, however, due to breaks being often spent in dread of returning to that which is temporarily not supposed to matter.

As "reality" and the breaks taken from it cease to be distinguishable, a variety of ways of slapping each other becomes the primary agent for moving any sense of action forward.



Una Projects Presents: SWELL 3 


Performers: Jonathan Matthews & Holly Sass


MIDI conversion of Smash Mouth's "All Star"

Karaoke Track of Natalie Cole's "This Will Be"

Duration: 15 min

Location: Jack Crystal Theater

"This Will Be" was developed at the Tisch Dance Alumni Workshop from January-May 2017 under the mentorship of Gus Solomons Jr. 

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