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Photo: Effy Grey

Tumbling Towards Teamwork

BREAKTIME’s Jonathan Matthews and Holly Sass created Tumbling Towards Teamwork both in response to an invitation from ChristinaNoel & The Creature to perform in their April 2021 Separation Salon, as well as to shake off the heaviness of their previous work - performing with a 6 foot pole strapped between their bodies in Fall 2020. Nothing more than an uptempo dance to music, Tumbling Towards Teamwork harkens back to the duo’s Fart in my Wallet, Call that Gas Money, created for and performed at Create:ART in July 2018, particularly with its use of music by Frank Zappa, whose rhythmic challenges never fail to pose fertile opportunities for cartoonish physicality and character work. 



Performers: Jonathan Matthews, Holly Sass


Music: The Mothers of Invention, "Inca Roads"

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