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We May Already Be Dead

we may already be dead’s final section premiered as Project at Movement Research in December 2019. Expanded considerably for Triskelion Arts’ Split Bill 35 in March 2020 (cancelled due to the pandemic), the work centers around the choreographic possibilities of an overhead projector. Different scenes utilize different techniques, from shadow puppetry to animation, with Jonathan and Holly alternating roles of operating the projector, performing before it, and performing with it in a disjointed dreamscape, unified by obsolete machinery.



Performers: Jonathan Matthews, Holly Sass & audience




(Movement Research version) Scott Fagan “In My Head” ; The Shangri-Las, “I Can Never Go Home Anymore,” edited by Jonathan Matthews


(Triskelion version) Stephin Merritt “Stage Rain” ; King Crimson, excerpts of "In the Court of the Crimson King," "Lizard," and “Cirkus” ; Mandy Moore “I Wanna Be With You” ; Natalie Imbrulia “Torn” ; Scott Fagan “In My Head"


Sound editing: Jonathan Matthews


Special thanks to Rosalind Lilly for her guidance in the ways of overhead projectors.

Photos: Philippa Fort

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