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Westerlies Suite

Westerlies Suite is a collection of three dances made with and in response to the music of new music brass quartet The Westerlies. The three pieces here, "Memories," "Chickendog and Woodylocks," and "Weeping Mary," demonstrate but a small sliver of the breadth of style, forms, and moods in which The Westerlies masterfully play. BREAKTIME doesn't normally dance this much, and neither have they utilized live music in this way without some theatrical caveat. When the quartet approached the duo about making some dances to their music, Holly and Jonathan had a short amount of time to compose their first physical thoughts to three pieces of Westerlies repertoire in three dances that end up mirroring the music's compositional processes. Premiered June 23 at Threes Brewing, Gowanus, curated by Chloe Rowlands, accompanied live by The Westerlies.

Performers: Jonathan Matthews, Holly Sass & audience



„Memories,“ composed by Charles Ives, arranged for brass quartet by Andy Clausen


„Chickendog and Woodylocks,“ composed by Willem de Koch


„Weeping Mary,“ sacred harp song, arranged for brass quartet by Andy Clausen

All performed by The Westerlies

Duration: 10 min


Premiered June 23rd, 2019 at Threes Brewing, Gowanus, live with The Westerlies.

Photos: Zachary Stephens

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